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The other benefits are as follows-. There are no such adverse effects of wearing Feroza and hence, it doesn't carry any disadvantages. Turquoise or Feroza gemstone is considered as an universal healing stone just because of the nature of healing properties it possesses. This gemstone endows complete physical advantages to its wearers. It triggers the immune system of the body for efficient functioning. With the help of this stone, both the body and the soul rests in dignified comfort and an earnest state of tranquility. People suffering from asthma, dental problems, high blood pressure, infections depression and excessive alcoholism can overcome with their problems with the use of this gemstone.

It is the powerful impact of the stone that it protects the user from the ailments caused by one's exposure to pollution.

Whenever a person is vulnerable to any troublesome situation then this gemstone changes its colour to warn the wearer from the problems that would erupt in the future. In addition to this, frequent tiredness and problems of low energy levels can also be eliminated with the same. The Feroza gemstone extricates the negative energies from a person and thus bestows upon a person with creativity, good communication skills and problem solving abilities.

It is primarily recommended for those who are seeking for matrimonial happiness and for those whose marriage has been postponed or delayed.

फ़िरोज़ा - एक चमत्कारी पत्थर - इन लोगों को अवश्य पहनना चाहिए “फिरोजा रत्न” - TURQUOISE STONE

People who are in love and want to make their love reach a saturation point can wear this stone as it's very much effective for them. People who wish for a successful career can wear this gemstone and people who are creative and innovative enough to yearn for fame should go for Feroza stone.

People with Sagittarius as their sun sign can wear this gemstone and apart from this, actors, businessmen, architectures, surgeons, and engineers can also wear this gemstone as it is advantageous for them in numerous ways. The rising and aspiring artist gain a lot of confidence and self motivation by possessing this gem. If there persists any compatibility issue between husband and wife or lovers then the use of Feroza stone will prove to be more promising to them. Feroza gemstone should be worn on a specific day so that it turns out to be favourable for the wearer.


After taking bath, it should be worn in the ring finger. The gemstone should be cleaned with milk and water and then it should be worn after worshipping the almighty. The metals that can be used with the gemstone are silver, gold and copper. The most appropriate day to wear the Firoza gemstone is Friday but one can wear this gemstone on Thursday and Saturday as well. The most propitious time to wear this gemstone is the morning time exactly between a. It is a rare, valuable gem and served as an ornamental stone for thousands of years because of its uniqueness.

One of the essential components of the Turquoise stone is copper and this is the reason which gives it the blue, green or bluish-green colors. The best quality of turquoise is fractural, possessing a maximum hardness of just below 6, which is slightly more than window glass. So, with lower hardness lower specific gravity 2.

Natural Feroza (Turquoise) Oval Cabochon - 16.05 Carat (FI-51)

The refractive index of turquoise as measured is approximately 1. It is ideal source to wear for success in academics and creative career as Jupiter rules knowledge and trusted for bringing huge benefits for people associated with education or learning field like scholars, lawyers, teachers and similar others. Wearing Firoza Gemstone is ideal for better financial status and social uplift.

Wearer of Firoza gemstone also gets some good health benefits too like it cures liver and lung disorder too.

Special collections of Vidushee 2. Active filters. Hence, it saves the wearer from mishaps and violence while also reducing mental stress.

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It is especially beneficial for those who work at high altitudes and are related to fields like Films, fashion, television, jewelry, accountancy, law, education and clothing. People working in the education and creative sector, like teachers, authors, scholars and students etc also benefit a lot.

One distinct quality that Turquoise is supposed to possess is that it changes its color and loses luster if the wearer is exposed to physical and mental threats, e. Turquoise helps in maintaining stability and concord in married life by infusing deep understanding in partners.

Firoza or Turquoise is A Mystical Gemstone of Planet Venus

It is an excellent remedy for mood swings, anxiety, and panic attacks. It also leads to tissue revival and body strengthening for a healthier body and soul. How to test in original gemstone Clean the gemstone with a gem cloth before you test it. Fold the cloth into quarters and tuck the stone inside.

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  • Rub the stone firmly between the layers of cloth using your fingers to clean away any dirt, fingerprints, or oil. Hold the stone with tweezers as you examine it to avoid getting any oils or smudges on it. Natural turquoise, an aggregate of copper aluminum phosphate hydrate, formed under heat and pressure, is often soft or porous when mined. The various colors found in turquoise result from the presence of either copper or iron--vivid blue is from copper and the softer green tones from iron.

    Turquoise Stone Facts & FAQ

    Turquoise stones can also have patterns of brown, yellow ochre and black matrix, produced from copper compounds.