Taurus horoscope december 29

Taurus daily horoscope – December 29 | Yasmin Boland

After a brief social spell you may be ready to spend a little time by yourself. Actually, it will be a good idea to re-charge your emotional batteries ready for what should be a fine start to the coming week. One thing you can say about the recent past is that at least your skills in crisis management have been refined and, in some cases, wrought to perfection. Now you may relax and enjoy any pleasant social encounters conferred by the Moon in friendly regions of your chart.

Play to win today. There can be no coming second place, whether your goals are professional, financial or romantic.

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At the very least you should aim to exceed your own personal best. After today, you should begin to feel more comfortable with the direction that life, especially on the personal level, is going. The fact that there is so little new taking place in your chart today should come as a relief, for you should be able to begin to digest the many lessons still to be learnt from recent upsets and opportunities.

Today's Taurus Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

The next two months, by the way, present extraordinarily good opportunities in all areas. They may be critical, but the fact is that you stand in need of truthful comment about what you are doing wrong — as well as praise for what you are doing right.

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You may even soon have cause to thank a rival! The Moon is in chill Earth sign Taurus, illuminating the friendship sector of your chart.

The Moon is in Taurus today, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your career and your reputation and finding you reflecting on your path and your public image. A thrilling energy is in the air. Powerful feelings will come up, and things are flowing easily.

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The Moon is in sensual Earth sign Taurus today, illuminating the intimacy sector of your chart. This is a powerful time to connect deeply and emotionally with the people you care about.

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That said, today the Moon is in Earth sign Taurus, encouraging you to be present in your relationships—stop digging for information about the past or reassurances about the future. The Sagittarius mindset is bigger is better.

Your Taurus Horoscope For 12222 Is Here

Sometimes that benefits you, and other times, it means that you go too far with unhealthy behaviors. Today the Moon, in grounded Taurus, is encouraging you to face your bad habits.


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