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Again, please remember with Mercury retro in here this will be subject to chance right up until early December. Vesta rules gender issues, equality and situations where we feel we may have to unfairly compete with others — under rules which are set by one person in a position of power. And not our own. Feeling in a competitive situation at work? Aside from the healthy competition of a pitch or knowing there are other candidates for that promotion, again, look closely at whether on the job rivalry is being encouraged by someone at the top.

If so, it may be time to dust off that CV. May the odds be ever in your favour, Virgo. In a nutshell: This week offers learning and freedom. Especially when it comes to situations where other people set the rules. Or change the game you play, Virgo. A powerful full Moon strikes your salary, shared assets and resources sector. It also falls conjunct Vesta in here. As you know, full Moons always shine a spotlight into the house opposite to the one they actually appear in.

In this instance — your money and self-worth. This naturally has a big impact on how you live — or want to be living and has a direct connection to your day job too. Vesta is all about equality and its flip side — gender bias. Not just your pay may come up now but who makes the decisions about how and where you live in your household too. Is someone making unilateral ones or assigning tasks based on gender or feeling they are entitled to? As the sign which strives for balance, you may become all too aware of this.

Scorpio Weekly Astrology Horoscope 11th November 2019

Mercury is retrograde in your 2 nd right now, promising the opportunity to renegotiate anything from your pay to who does what or decides what at home. Be aware however that discussions may go back and forth until early December when it exits retroshadow. But it makes an inspired angle to Neptune in your 6 th pointing to a more intuitive way forward on the 14 th.

Ceres is all about the art of compromise — something you resonate with. How the domestic arrangements are dealt with or simply you having more say when it comes to where you live or how, can be renegotiated for a better deal for all parties. Remember, if you are planning on moving house or apartment, unless dates dictate otherwise, wait until after Mercury exits retroshadow early December before signing that lease or contract. Redefine something you share this week, Libra. Anything from that home to that source of income. In a nutshell: Home, living arrangements and your lifestyle can be renegotiated now, Libra.

A better way of living — or working, can be yours.

You simply need to bring that balance back to the table. Is this in alignment with how you see yourself? Or expect to be treated for that matter? The full Moon in your 7 th this week falls conjunct Vesta which is all about equality — or its reverse which is sexism or gender bias.

Full Moons reflect their light back into the house opposite to the one they appear in. In this case — your 1 st. So take it someone holds up a mirror so you can see all too clearly how they see or value you. Remember that your 7 th rules marriage partners and long-term lovers, long term working relationships and friendships as well as that enemy, rival or opponent. No matter who holds this mirror, what you are being given is valuable feedback on how you value yourself. Mercury retro in your 1 st aligning to Neptune in your 5 th allows you to change the image if this is needed.

Have you neglected yourself of late? Or allowed someone to simply take you for granted? We can slip into these traps unawares. This week allows you to change the rules or escape if this has happened. Very often we find ourselves in a routine which neither party has consciously assigned, but is nonetheless unbalanced or simply unfair. If you discover this is suddenly highlighted, you have the ability to discuss this with the other party and come up with a solution that is fair for both sides.

This could include taking on more than your fair share at work or within a relationship. And you being treated in a way consistent with how you want to be valued and appreciated, Scorpio. In a nutshell: How you are treated by in others reflects your self-worth. Who holds up that mirror this week provides you with valuable insight.

Adjust your values and vision accordingly, Scorpio. Closet sexism for instance. You have a full Moon in your 6 th of work, daily responsibilities and wellness. As you know, full Moons reflect back into the house opposite to the one they appear in. In this instance your 12 th of all things mysterious and hidden. The fact they harbour them may confirm some suspicions you have had for a while. Others may just be left gob-smacked as this full Moon falls conjunct Vesta.

Equal pay and gender issues in your workplace may surface or someone simply speaks their mind without thinking. But even explorers need somewhere to return to after the adventure ends. And we all need to attend to responsibilities and routines. Ceres leaves your 1 st this week and arrives in your 2 nd of money and also self-worth. As well as big issues like equal pay, a little equality when it comes to who does what closer to home may have to be negotiated. You can table a new solution this week, Sag. And a better deal all round. Let someone else paddle for once. You may have to take a stand based on your value system.

Bring them up to date if so. This week asks you to rise above this or simply walk away. Competition between you and female friends? Neither do you need a lover whose ego requires a constant massage or who makes you feel inadequate by comparing you to others or putting you down subtly or even overtly. If someone reveals they are not as single as you thought they were — this is your cue to get up and take the door marked EXIT.

You are worth more than this Capricorn, and this week may call on you to own this as an undeniable fact. The full Moon in your 5 th is conjunct Vesta in here. So, equality and ego may feature. That lover could be single but you discover you are not their one and only. Are they worth keeping that flame burning for?

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Because full Moons shine into the house opposite to the one they appear in, you may suddenly be aware of competitive dynamics amongst friends of the same sex. State your position with honesty and compassion, then walk away if necessary. This is all about playing by a fairer set of rules. Restore the balance of love this week, Capricorn by insisting on some rules of your own.

In a nutshell: Show others you are above game playing — especially when it comes to love. If someone is making this a competition — why play by their rules when you can write your own? The full Moon in its ruling house shines on your vulnerabilities and emotions this week. Do you feel you need to keep these hidden depending on your gender identification? Made to feel either over-emotional or else lacking in empathy? This is the house of families, roots and traditions. You may find yourself looking at the messages handed down about how a particular gender is supposed to act or behave.

This includes those out-dated beliefs that one gender has a monopoly on empathy, nurturing and understanding more than another. These are human traits not gender traits. This is a conjunction of being human and expressing human emotions. Compassion in business may be another issue you encounter now as could be gender politics in the workplace.

Full Moons always shine their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. Highlighting those emotional hot buttons in it. This is your 10 th of career, status and reputation. You may find that glass ceiling is still intact for instance. Or an unfair bias in your workplace.

Retro Mercury also in your 10 th aligns with the planet of compassion, Neptune in your 2 nd. Some of you may no longer be able to put those feelings before profit. Ceres in your 12 th from the 16 th offers a new deal on family karma and the chance to create something more equal by your example for the future.

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When it comes to your career, keep some things to yourself. Such as plans for your future if change is needed. Do it with feeling this week. In a nutshell: Break free of ideas that you are supposed to feel a certain way based solely on your gender. You are feeling the human experience. All emotions are equal. This includes yours. Speaking up and saying what is on your mind — especially when it comes to equal treatment, may have been something you have been putting off, Pisces.

You strive for peace and even if your sensitive soul recoils at anything unfair, you will still go out of your way to avoid making waves. The full Moon in your 3 rd falls conjunct Vesta in here which rules issues such as sexism or even competitiveness between members of the same sex — and those who may encourage this. Equality is your watch-word now as is stepping free of any situation where this is not present. In this case your house of freedom and higher learning. As well as releasing you from anything that confines or restricts you. Revisiting the past — either in returning to places you have been before or contact with people from this is likely.

A connection to a person, place or even a belief system which you now see as having fresh relevance. This could add up to a future pact with a friend, group, club, organisation, band or network that has nothing to do with stereotypes and everything to do with equality and freedom to be yourself. Go towards those who allow you to be who you are. And ditch those who would pigeon hole you, Pisces. In a nutshell: Ensure all deals and even conversations, place you on an equal footing this week. A connection from the past could take on new relevance. Entertainment SP www. Terms and conditions.

Take a look at the four Tarot cards. Do you feel there is one meant for you? You dare to open that wonderous heart chakra of yours. Your emotions are flowing, your creativity is pouring out. Cosmic love surrounds you. The Universe will reward you for your loving ways. Oh, and trust your intuition right now.

You have a core potency that is rising to the surface now. Your Strength is about to bring you great gifts. Remember, Strength is not angry or brutish; Strength allows for compassion. Beloved, you are protected now. Even the wildest soul needs to step into the tranquil temple of silence occasionally. The Hermit is calling you into your soul cave.

Take a moment to trust yourself. Meditate, feel the magic of stillness. When you are ready to emerge your courage will carry you to the next level. Some say this is the best Tarot card of them all. Congratulations wonderous one, You are about to arrive at a peak experience.

Celebrate the moment, breathe in your victory, and revel in your well-deserved arrival. Of course, the World is never the end of the story. The World is not a happy ending, but a joyous beginning! What chapter do you want next? What other adventures are lurking on your horizon? Start plotting and planning your next step. Gather your senses and look at the four Tarot cards. Reach into your powerful intuition. If you sense one of these cards has a psychic message for you, scroll down for your answer.

Emotional clearing is on the way. The Ace of Cups is the holy grail of joy, cleansing, love and healing. The Cosmos is showering you in unconditional love. Your heart chakra is opening to a spiritual connection to all that there is. A peak of happiness and an outpouring of love lifts your spirits. It looks like all your social karma is about to pay off as others willingly share their feelings for you. Super kind soul, are you ready to invest some of your pure and giving energy into yourself, the Ace says YES.

The Cosmos is turning your attention to your home. Expect to celebrate a family event or achievement connected to your close ones. How are you feeling about where you are living? How would you describe your home environment? Is it a temple of love? Are you taking care of your space the way you would your body and soul? Look around, which room needs work? Does it reflect the area of your life it represents? If the kitchen needs work or is in chaos, are you nurturing yourself? The bedroom? What does it reveal about your love life? Ask a question now that has been on your mind, the answer will become quartz crystal clear.

Your power is growing, your wisdom unfolding. Above all else, trust your gut. Life may have been hard for you recently, you may have felt left out in the chill. Or perhaps you have been going through business troubles? You need and deserve compassion and to know your feelings count. Perhaps this feeling has been ongoing? The 5 of pentacles highlights the fact that there is a light surrounding you.

There is refuge and harmony in front of you. A divine light is waiting to guide you. Have you been so used to this emotion that you are stuck in it? Good news, comfort and hope is coming. Try to break routines and habits, shift patterns and look beyond your immediate circumstances. Help is at hand. Expect to receive positive change. Juno rules marriage and long-term commitments. Your commitment may or may not be with a significant other — it could revolve around a work or business relationship, a close friendship or even dealing with that opponent or rival once and for all.

Or in some cases it could be a commitment to yourself. Putting your search for happiness and love first from here on in. No matter what it is — you are playing for keeps this week. Ruler Mars is also in your 7 th and tightly aspects Pluto in your career zone. Pluto rules power and transformation. So, this could be a commitment to a new job or taking on more responsibility — a leadership role at work for example.

Or again, a commitment to changing something. Chiron in your 1 st says take radical steps or a chance on that promise you make as it opposes Juno on the 9 th. This day also sees the Sun trine Neptune. The outcome of the promise you make could simply astound you this week, Aries. Promises, commitments and giving your word to someone or something, has you playing for keeps.

This could even be with yourself. Couple stuff and lasting commitments will feature for all of us in some way now Juno enters Libra. Even if it does not affect our own marriage or a partnership matter, we will see its effect on the relationships of other people around us. Juno rules marriage and commitment. The big, long term promises we make. In your work and wellbeing sector it can not only involve your job but making a commitment to whatever relationships have a direct impact on your mental and physical health. You will take action and radical and lasting steps to address any imbalance now as Mars also in here tightly angles Pluto in your 9 th on the 5 th.

Has something turned into too much like hard work so it drains rather than elevates you? Juno says you can address this now -permanently. The outcome of any steps you take may take both you — and the other party, by surprise as you suggest radical and untried solutions thanks to Chiron in your 12 th opposing Juno on the 9 th. This same day sees the Sun in your partnership zone set a new future in motion as it trines Neptune in your 11 th.

Past, present and even potential promises with another party could be made. Or set in motion with someone you meet now. To preface The Proclaimers: You took a right turn and are on your way to what you want from this world — or another person. In a nutshell: Promises and commitments feature for all of us now Juno is in Libra.

For you, this may involve committing to what works and what makes your soul soar. Juno enters the sign of partnerships — Libra. And your 5 th of all things romantic, creative and of course, children or relationships which could potentially see you become a parent or step-parent. If you have fallen out of love with love — take it that love has not fallen out with you.

Never say never again as Chiron in your 11 th opposes Juno on the 9 th while Mars stirs up passion in your 5 th and makes a tight angle to Pluto in its ruling 8 th on the 5 th. This could result in a change around your romantic status. If something has been lacking in your present union, you could be released to find one with that alchemical missing ingredient. Others feel the pull of a magnetic attraction.

If love or even recognition is your goal now, commit to putting yourself out there, connecting and being seen. The outcome could simply astonish you. Success-stirring aspects between the Sun in your work area and Neptune in your house of recognition also on the 9 th , say its time to make those career moves.

You rarely have such an opportunity to stand out and make your very best impression. That commitment could simply add up to you being more daring or selling yourself more effectively than you have done in the past. In a nutshell: Make a promise to love, a project or a path that leads to pleasure and recognition, Gemini.

Above all — get ready to fall in love with love again. It enters your house of home and family this week. Mars is also in here plus you have Pluto in your partnership zone and the Sun in your 5 th of romance, creativity and children. If you have children who are old enough, you could see them fly the nest or announce they are getting engaged, married or moving in with a partner as the Sun trines Neptune in your 9 th.

Others could fall in love with someone who has foreign ties or already lives in another country — bringing with it questions around where you would commit to in the long term — as well as who.

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This week also sees Chiron in your house of career and public image oppose Juno on the 9 th. Chiron is all about the unexpected. What runs against conventional thinking. The audacious move that results in the outrageous outcome. What we believe can never come to pass. And committing to giving your all is what this aspect is all about. Be prepared to reap the attention — and the rewards if you do, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Dare to do, to try and to commit to that path, financial responsibility or home matter. This week asks you to think in the long term. But try an audacious and daring, new approach. Stand by your word now, Leo as Juno, ruler of promises and long-term commitments, enters your 3 rd of contracts and communication. This could be a person, an entity, an idea or project or a company. This includes what you write or share via social media, your blog or website.

This especially applies to your work. They say the Devil is in the details. For you, this just happens to be true as Mars also in your 3 rd demands along with Pluto in your 6 th , that you follow-through on what you say. They will be binding. However, if there is an agreement you want out of, this week offers you that escape route too. Just understand that if you commit to exiting something, again — this will be for keeps. Chiron in your 9 th of fortune and freedom opposes Juno on the 9 th. This day also sees the Sun in your 4 th trine Neptune in your house of change, shared resources and joint assets.

You can ask for a change of conditions now. Or simply a change in how things are shared between you and someone else. That includes the chores or who picks up the kids from school. Funny thing about people who dare to ask for what they want. Usually they get it. Better to know where you stand — and what path to commit to now, Leo. In a nutshell: Ask for that outrageous outcome this week, Leo. Above all, be the keeper of your word and deliver on all promises. This could involve you and another both on the same page. The question is — do you know your own worth? Self- worth as well as money is ruled by Venus and our 2 nd house.

Juno is all about commitments and lasting pacts. How we value ourselves is reflected by how we are treated by others and the world at large.

Weekly Written Astrology 11th November 12222 – Embracing Self Worth!

Asking for a pay rise, better treatment or an equal footing may ask you to stretch and grow that self-assurance and self-esteem now. Especially as Mars which rules confidence and boundaries, squares off to Pluto in your 5 th on the 5 th. You are in a prime position to re-negotiate the terms of something based on that new value system as Chiron in your 8 th opposes Juno on the 9 th.

This same day also brings you a wonderful angle between the Sun in your house of contracts and communication, and Neptune in your partnership zone. If you know your true worth and what you deserve, then ask for it now, Virgo. In a nutshell: Know your true worth this week, Virgo. Then ask for something from someone based on this. This week says the price is right when it comes to cashing in on that increased self-esteem.

Commit to passion this week with Juno and also Mars in your 1 st. You are after all, the sign of partnerships. Those so-so signs if they exist, also point to home matters. Is where you life simply somewhere to hang that gorgeous hat rather than a place to live? Consider the impossible or unthinkable outcome around partnerships now.

If you have resigned yourself to singledom — you may have to think again. Or if the passion is missing in your current situation, you could find it again as Chiron in your 7 th opposes Juno on the 9 th. If not in your own life, you may witness other couples come together or even break up and say: Well, I never saw that one coming. The Sun in your 2 nd shines on money matters and inspired ways to boost earnings as it trines Neptune in your 6 th also on the 9 th.

You could have more to work with than you realised. But it requires focus and organisation. Passion missing on the work front? In a nutshell: Time to ditch the Mehs and commit to having more passion in your life. Sometimes we need more of a good thing to bring that back. Go in pursuit of it, Libra. Commitments to a cause, a belief, a higher path or something you are not ready to reveal feature now, Scorpio.

Juno joins ancient ruler Mars in your 12 th. Some of you could commit to learning the Tarot or astrology. Others embrace a new religion or belief system. Signing up to something that helps others — especially those disadvantaged is another outcome. This is your house of compassion and selflessness.

Others could make a soul promise to someone or something — such as a cause or a subject where you may work behind the scenes or in secret. People or situations will also reveal whether or not they are worthy of your commitment too. Reality could bite as Mars makes a revealing angle to contemporary ruler Pluto in your 3 rd.

News or something that is said could shift a connection either way — for better or worse. This could also emerge unexpectedly and without warning. Chiron in your 6 th unveils something which may take you unawares on the 9 th when it opposes Juno. Neptune of course, is the ruler of your 12 th. This could bring you a divine encounter that leaves you literally soul-struck. Feel as if you have known this person before even if you just met?

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Consider the possibility you have. In existing relationships, soul contracts fall due this week. The commitment you make may have been made a long time ago. To that person, path or higher power, Scorpio. In a nutshell: Soul contracts fall due this week, Scorpio. To that person, path, cause or higher power. What you hear puts a connection in a new light. Time for a commitment either way. Bear in mind this week that you have Venus in your 1 st. Plus ruler Jupiter remains in residence. This puts you out front, in the spotlight and set to attract.

Mars is also in your 11 th which will give you the confidence to explore new social scenes or strike up that conversation. Friendships and alliances may shift this week as Mars makes a tense angle to Pluto in your 2 nd. Where you may least expect to find that lover — they can be found now. Keep an open mind as Chiron in your romance zone opposes Juno on the 9 th. If you never thought to hear from someone again — you do. Or run into them somewhere totally unexpected. Others could see breakthroughs around creative projects. Or unexpected invites propel you into a new and frankly audacious, social scene.

One that could be highly original and unique and which allows you to be well — you. Put it this way — nothing is impossible this week. The Sun in your 12 th trines Neptune in your 4 th this week. It shines on home, family matters and also soul connections. These again may surface or be discovered in places you would not normally go. Prepare to say yes to something totally unexpected. It or they has the power to change your future in the long term, Sag.

In a nutshell: This week may feel as if your birthday season has already started. Magic happens in unexpected ways. Long term commitments can be made this week, Capricorn. Plus, those you made in the past come full circle now. You are one of those signs this week who needs to ensure their word is their gold standard. Especially as others will be looking to you to keep it. These include employers — even past ones as well as present and potential, those people in positions of power, influence and authority, as well as partners and family members.

Juno enters your 10 th of career and all things Capricorn ruled this week. Entertainment SP www. Terms and conditions. Customer service enquiries: We recommend buying a package. Customer care enquiries: Higher rate for calls from payphones and mobile phones. Terms and conditions apply. SP: www. Your psychic email reading aims to answer specific questions as well as giving you a general overview of what is going on around you empowering you to follow your own wisdom and intuition. Skip to content. Detailed birth chart Daily forecast Daily lovescope Love compatibility and much more! This is one of the houses in your chart which contains the potential for renewal and starting over if you need to.

And for you especially, those big plans and dreams are more than wishful thinking or escapism. An opportunity that is very much grounded in reality for you opens up. Are you ready to accept it? The 26th welcomes the full Moon in your 3rd which will activate both Saturn and Uranus. How you come across or get your ideas over. How you communicate. What you say and how you say it.

Take care if you have an important appointment or meeting to arrive in plenty of time. Craft your image and presentation and know what you are going to say. Admit it but say you will find out. Especially as Mars heads direct in your 1st the following day. But their answer will be determined by how you present yourself and come across. Commit to evolutionary change instead! New opportunities spring from old What is revealed around love? Walk through a door to discovery. August gives us a sky full of crazy moonwalking planets.

Once ruler Uranus joins them on the 7th, until Mercury heads direct in your 7th on the 18th, we will experience a grand total of six planets appearing to move backwards across the sky. Uranus will now remain retrograde until Remember, your ruler unshackles and frees you from whatever chains you or holds you back.

If you are static you are not evolving. And often to move forward into freedom, we first need to re-examine our past. After all, it is what got us to the place we are in today. Which is the purposes behind all this intense retrograde weather right now. Venus arrives in your learning, expansion and travel sector on the same day as Uranus retrogrades. Being the planet of love and in your house of travel, adventure, luck and good fortune, if it were not the retrograde cycle, this transit could just offer you the opportunity to escape the mundane via the adventure of romance.

Benefits could be coming your way via travel or doing business with people from overseas. This is one of the houses in your chart where seeds are planted for the future. Where you embark on a journey towards a major goal or undertaking. One that stirs your soul and also involves expanding your horizons and learning more about what you are capable of. Or one that seems strangle familiar on some level or has its roots in the past. Second-time around chances may also feature — especially in love or in resurrecting something you were once passionate about.

Mars, planets of passion, confidence, fire and action, is retrograde in your 1st at the start of the month. The 8th sees Venus make a beautiful angle to Mars which again, normally would beam you a big opportunity. But Mars is going backwards. So therefore are you — or at least looking back at your past. Which is exactly where Mars is now headed. Into your 12th from the 13th, which is of course your house of the past as well as all things hidden. Adding to the past flavour, the new Moon of the 11th in your house of partnerships, marriage, collaboration, cooperation and long-term love, is eclipsed and falls conjunct retrograde Mercury in here.

Eclipses conceal and later reveal. Here are just as few of the ways you may find yourself dealing with the past and something secret this retrrograde eclipse cycle:. You later discover you have almost crossed paths many times before Something comes to light which permanently changes your connection with someone — one way or another. You may have to wait to discover just what secrets this eclipse may be hiding.

See it as neither good nor bad but again, just another evolutionary stage in how you relate to others. The Sun enters your deep, transformational 8th from the 23rd. This is another house that holds our secrets — and also our fears and desires. This is an excellent transit under which to investigate, probe in the shadows and delve deeper into what you truly want. The Sun forms a trine between Uranus and Saturn — perhaps showing you what you need to know at this time. Hints from that eclipse could emerge along with the potential to carve yourself out a niche for your future. The following day sees the full Moon in your money zone also making positive angles to Saturn and Uranus.

In a nutshell: Old loves reappear. Fresh opportunities spring from the past. New people seem familiar. Everything old could be new again or you get a fresh angle on relationships this August, Aquarius. What shape is your life in? Get your message across Emotion rocks your ocean.

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Blend the physical with the spiritual and the mind with the mystical this month, Pisces. Above all, think different. Your entire communication and work zones are in focus for the first three weeks of August. As is ensuring you are understood. This may be easier said than one now. All due to extreme retrograde weather and Mercury, planet of communication which rules your 6th, retrograde in there. Your other Mercury-ruled house, your 3rd, has Uranus, planet of innovation, revolutions, social connections and evolutions, also retrograde from the 7th.

New ways to say what you have to say or new means of saying it will emerge from this. Organising, planning and scheduling — all come under the rulership of your 6th house. Check, double check and triple check if necessary. Are you getting what you need, Pisces? Secrets around a relationship, a lover or just your own needs could emerge as Venus angles to Mars in your deeply mysterious 12th.

This is also one of those times when you can harness primal creative energy and use it to great effect. Due to the number of retrograde planets in the sky right now — an incredible six, it is not the best time to begin something new. However, the energy you have available to you can be just the wildly alchemical element you need to resurrect a project from your past. You can inject it with a force that allows it to take on a life of its own — and to great effect.

Finish what you have started now. The new Moon in your 6th asks you to look at what shape your life is in. It falls conjunct that retrograde Mercury in here and also marks a partial solar eclipse. Are you covering up your body because you are not happy with it? Do you spend too much time at work in order to avoid dealing with problems in your personal life?

Or you cling to that out-worn routine? Remember — eclipses conceal something. Now, in this instance, what can be concealed can be something you are hiding from yourself. This eclipse offers a mind-altering experience in the best possible way. Change your mind and the way you think about something — you change your world. Ditch any negative habits now. The ones that are obvious that is. Be prepared for more adjustments further down the track. Shifts in your social life may also occur as Mars heads back into your 11th on the 13th. Along with you realising what your body is saying about you, you may also realise that certain activities or people may be having a negative effect on your overall wellbeing.

Also, watch out for problems concerning your phone or other electronic equipment when out and about — at least until Mercury heads forward again from the 18th. The following day brings you that mystical, mind-expanding opportunity or encounter you have been waiting for as Jupiter trines ruler Neptune in your 1st.

A full Moon in your 1st asks you to share yourself, your thoughts, your dreams, your emotions and above all, your love with others. This is a fabulous full Moon under which to meet someone, schedule that date or take your relationship to the next level. Mars is about to move forward and with it, expect a resurgence of passion and desire which may have been missing lately. Emotion rocks your ocean. You can now blend the physical with the spiritual when it comes to connecting with someone.

In a nutshell: What shape is your life in, Pisces? From your work to your love life, August offers you an opportunity to reshape your future. And change your world simply by changing your mind. Mercury Retrograde in Leo 5 th. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 11 th. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 10 th. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 12 th. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 10 th. Due to the extreme Change in the Weather song title caused by five retrograde planets this week, what that change is may take a while to emerge.

Plans are subject not just to change but to stops and starts along the way. We are also heading for another eclipse in August and by now you know eclipses conceal. Being ruled by the planet of action means you are not good at having to stop and remain in place. This week sees retro Mars in your 11 th make a tight angle to Uranus direct for now in your 2 nd.

That change in the weather asks you to hold onto your individual values and ignore the rest. But now may not be the right time to take action.. This week is all about patience — and waiting for the change to reveal itself, Aries. Mercury Retrograde in Leo 4 th. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 10 th. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 9 th.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 11 th. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 9 th. In fact, you may be faring better than most as Venus your ruler remains direct throughout the major retrograde weather we are experiencing now. This week sees a total of five planets backwards in the sky. Mercury retrograde in your 4 th may put property, family and home matters on the back-burner and unless you can possibly help it, please try to delay any kind of property matters until after it heads direct again.

Although this is not always possible or even practical. Mars, planet of action, passion and self-confidence is retrograde in your career sector. This does not necessarily mean career progress cannot be made. Mars in here can often have us charging ahead, insisting on having things our way and putting those who are in a position of influence or support, off-side.

This is unlikely to happen with Mars retrograde as it gives us a more considered approach. This week sees that Mars make a tight angle to the still direct for now and newly arrived Uranus in your 1 st. The results may take a while to appear but they could literally break you free of any career rut you have fallen into and have others — especially bosses, looking at you in a whole new light.

You have more options than you believe. Stop and look. Examine your options from all angles. You have more of these than you think. Mercury Retrograde in Leo 3 rd. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 9 th. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 8 th. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 10 th. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 8 th. Ruler Mercury is retrograde in its ruling house.

Frustrations, delays, snafus, cancellations, missed connections, misunderstandings and breakdowns — especially of communication and communication devices, just add to that feeling a wrathful deity has it in for you. Find the purpose or the message and you begin to work with the energy — yes, even retrograde energy. This week tells you Gemini that despite delays, you have reached a turning point. The clue lies in promoting yourself and your talents more effectively than you have done before and to question the meaning behind everyone and everything in your life now.

The truth will set you free. Mercury Retrograde in Leo 2 nd. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 8 th. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 7 th. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 9 th. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 7 th. Are you allowing the opinions of others to dictate the way you feel about yourself, Cancer? Now of course we all want to be loved and accepted. And probably the most scary thing we can contemplate is the loss of one or both. Especially when we care about someone or their opinion. But this week asks you to look at whether you are trying to be something other than who you are just to please others.

Or whether you are going along with the crowd when actually, you no longer feel this is truly you. The major retrograde weather we are experiencing at the moment stretches across your partnership, shared resources and endings sector and extends on into your house of freedom. We also have Mercury planet of commerce and communication retrograde in your 2 nd. Mars is retrograde in its ancient ruling house 8 th and this week makes a tight angle across to Uranus still direct in its ruling 11 th of social connections and friends.

Who you are hanging around with may change now as you suddenly see your values are no longer aligned. Or you just see you are bending yourself out of shape to please others and are no longer willing to keep up the pretence. Be an original. In a nutshell: Time to be loved and accepted for exactly who you are, just the way you are, Cancer.

This week offers you the freedom to be yourself. And for others to love you for just that. Mercury Retrograde in Leo 1 st. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 7 th. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 6 th. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 8 th. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 6 th. It will affect us all in different ways depending on which planets are retrograde in which houses in our chart.

You could be undergoing a bit of a reinvention now when it comes to ideas and how you want to come across to people. Above all, Mercury retro in your 1 st is all about saying what you need to say. This especially applies to your work, your wellbeing and your close relationships. The retrograde planets stretch across your 6 th , 7 th and 8 th houses. Chances are you have something you need to get off your chest but have been hesitating over it.

Or you have been feeling the need to address an issue that is having an impact on the way you feel — perhaps draining you of that vital, flowing Leo life force? The good news about this retrograde cycle is it will bring all this into focus for you but also hand you a new way to approach it. Mars in your 7 th is not the best resident as this house is about relating and Mars is about action. Retro Mars in here however favours the slow build of love and also considering the reactions of others before you say or do anything.

Change the conversation and say it and mean it this week. In a nutshell: What needs to be said that you are putting off, Leo? At the very least, say it to yourself. Owning the truth opens a new way forward. Say what you need to say this week. Mercury Retrograde in Leo 12 th. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 6 th. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 5 th. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 7 th.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 5 th. Retrograde cycles are second nature to you Virgo, seeing you are ruled by the planet that retrogrades more frequently than any other. However, even you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of retrograde energy that washing up around you now. In fact, this may be an appropriate metaphor as Mercury is presently retrograde in your 12 th — the house of the past. What is this retrograde tide washing ashore for you? People from your past may reappear. Any retrograde which involves your 12 th and communication is also going to bring up things you need to know or which have been hidden from you.

This retrograde cycle tells you ignorance is most certainly not bliss at all. If you have been wandering around in a fog of illusion about something or someone, something may happen to set you straight. Above all, this retrograde period is about clearing out the leftovers — residue from our past that not only holds us back but might just on a soul level be creating a toxic waste dump that leeches into other areas of our life. Mars retrograde in your 6 th of all things Virgo-ruled angles to Uranus in your house of freedom. Suddenly you become aware of the deeper effect a situation has been having on you.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury delivers revisits from the past and also revelations this week. The retrograde weather serves a higher purpose. Restoring your soul — and that feel-good factor,, Virgo. Mercury Retrograde in Leo 11 th. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 5 th. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 4 th.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 6 th. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 4 th. The present retrograde weather has all of us looking back over the past to go forward again. This may not be where you were originally from or where you are living now. If it is, then commit to that. If not, then you need to use this time to get very clear on where you belong. Where and with who you feel valued and living passionately could be tied up with this too. Uranus is newly arrived in your 8 th and remaining direct for a short time only, angles to retro Mars in your 5 th.

Time to resurrect a passion that used to fire you up if you have let it lapse. Reconnect to creativity and joy. You may even be able to fuse this with how you earn a living. Maybe without you fully realising it. If necessary hold out a bit longer for that piping hot serving of fresh love. Believe me, it will be worth the wait. The past may feature this week. Mercury Retrograde in Leo 10 th. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 4 th. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 3 rd.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 5 th. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 3 rd. Ancient ruler Mars is in your 4 th of home, family and security while contemporary ruler Pluto sits in your 3 rd of communication. The ruler of your 3 rd house Mercury, remains retrograde in your 10 th of career, reputation and rewards. Because of this, more than any other sign this week, you are the one most likely to feel someone stole your mojo. Or be wondering if you even had a mojo to begin with or whether or not it was all wishful thinking on your part.

While we still have some more retrograde weather to get through in August, this week hands you an opportunity to get on up and reconnect to that mojo. Something or someone is impacting on it and making you feel like its missing. Crank up some classic James Brown when it comes to putting yourself out there or for finding the courage to deal with something on the domestic or relationship front. It may not even boil down to anyone else taking you for granted, but you taking you for granted. Have you been thinking when it comes to work that anyone can do what you do?

A tight angle between that retro Mars in your 4 th and Uranus in your partnership sector has you looking at a relationship in a new way — and reclaiming your superpower along with it. To quote James Brown again: Like a sex machine. In a nutshell: Reclaim your mojo this week, Scorpio. Something dormant could get a shot in the arm of passion. And you get your superpowers back along with it! Mercury Retrograde in Leo 9 th. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 3 rd. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 2 nd. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 4 th. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 2 nd.

If travelling take extra time and extra care however as Mercury is retrograde in your 9 th of all things Sag related. Store copies of all reservations, tickets, travel insurance and your passport somewhere safe. Past connections overseas could reach out and big projects or dreams enjoy a revival.

News you may have been waiting on could finally arrive or a work situation takes a surprising turn — one that puts you in a better situation than you imagined. If you have an idea simmering away in the background which could add value not just to your bank account but your lifestyle and way of working, keep refining this. It could turn out to be the very thing that takes you where you need to go. In a nutshell: Revive those big dreams or projects. But wait to launch them.

Give it time to emerge. Mercury Retrograde in Leo 8 th. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 2 nd.

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Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 1 st. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 3 rd. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 1 st. Who or what adds or subtracts to your feeling of self-worth? Who is there to help you? This week is all about looking at the people in your life who are true assets. The retrograde weather this week may have a revelation about one particular connection however. And the category they end up in may surprise or even shock you.

The major retrograde weather we are all experiencing impacts on you big time as your ruler Saturn is part of this in your 1 st house and also Pluto. Pluto just gets more powerfully potent when in retrograde phase, working its alchemical transformational process even more intensely. Mars is also retrograde in your house of money and assets — and these include those people who are assets to you. Watch for insights around this as the surprise can go either way. Either way, your connection is transformed especially if the last person you expected to opens a door to opportunity for you.

Get ready to be surprised by people — and hopefully in all the right ways this week. In a nutshell: Who you can count on and who is truly an asset to you is in focus this week. People may surprise you one way or another. Get ready for true colours to shine through, Capricorn. Mercury Retrograde in Leo 7 th.

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 1 st. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 12 th. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 2 nd. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 12 th. My advice is to keep it all to yourself a little longer. Hand those ideas over to your higher consciousness for refinement. Keep your plans and your dreams to yourself. This is partly courtesy of the retrograde weather which we are all experiencing right now. Mars retrograde in your 1 st adds to this. Patience or the ability to pick the right moment could just be your superpower now When it comes to home matters or money however, no more fuzzy thinking.

Know what it is you want or need from someone and get ready to ask. The most valuable resource you have is your time. Think of yourself as a little bit like Dr. Strange with an ability to control if not time, then when to act. But when you are, to move ahead with surety. Ruler Uranus remains direct in your 4 th for the moment and angles to that retro Mars.

And this may just involve refining those ideas or just getting very clear on what you want. Controlling time is your superpower this week. Mercury Retrograde in Leo 6 th. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 12 th. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 11 th. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 1 st. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 11 th. Something is uncovered or revealed this week for you, Pisces.

As usual, you can rely on your intuition to guide you towards uncovering the truth. Ruler Neptune is part of the present intense retrograde cycle which will peak next month when we will have an intense week where six planets will be retrograde at once. For now, we have five. Unlike other planets, your ruler spends almost half of every year retrograde. This allows you the time to differentiate between illusion and insight. Illusion is attached to the ego and is what we want, would like or hope. Insight is based on the truth. Mercury is retrograde in its ruling 6 th in your chart. Which basically amounts to you getting a double dose of the usual Mercury Mayhem we expect at these times.

Look closely at whether your work paid or unpaid gives you adequate scope for expression or feeling you are appreciated for what you do. Children and young people may also feature now or memories of your own childhood may surface. Were you given the encouragement you needed back then? Are you in a position to give it now? Perhaps even to your own inner child which may need healing. If people from the past reappear did they make you feel like you shone brighter in the past or dimmed your light? Use this as your guide before jumping back in again. In a nutshell: Get ready for revelations.

Which could just be you seeing the difference between illusion and insight. The Two of Pentacles is reminding you to take care of day-to-day affairs in order to remain balanced and grounded this week, this card is bringing you back down to earth and helping you to manage your time effectively, ensuring that you tend to all of your commitments with love and care.

You may receive help and guidance from somebody in a position of power or you may yourself be the person giving advice to somebody else. You are likely to embody the King of swords this week and use your logic and intellect to get to the heart of the matter. You are likely able to make decisions easily and to be fair and reasonable in new ways. When we receive this card we are likely to be feeling powerful, courageous, authoritative and intellectual.

The King of Swords is helping you to see the truth and fairness of situations and circumstances this week, any organising and planning you need to do will be easy for you as have the power of authority to help you succeed. What I love about the Tarot is that it is a bit like Astrology. We get hints on what energy is around us and then can use it to our advantage!

Have a look at the three cards below and sense which one is going to tell you about the creative energy around you this week. Tarot Card One — 7 of Pentacles. The meaning of the 7 of Pentacles is a good one! You might feel jaded, or overworked. You may have been wondering if all of your hard graft has been worth it? The 7 of Pentacles assures you that it is.

Your reward is coming soon, in fact, you might have achieved more than you realise. Today is also a moment of reflection. What are your priorities? What does success look like? What do you want to achieve? Abundance is on the way, a soul abundance that is priceless. Yikes, you have been in a pickle!