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She is the perfect mate for someone who is looking for an old-fashioned, conservative partner who likes to takes a relationship slowly. Virgos have a running dialog with themselves in their minds, so they often appear lost in thought or look contemplative. Virgo women tend to be hardworking, industrious and helpful. In fact, it's not uncommon for Virgo women to help their friends, neighbors and family members in times of crisis.

21 Secrets Of The Virgo Personality…

The Virgo male possesses a cool exterior combined with a very sensitive interior. He might be easily threatened until he has analyzed the relationship and decides to make a commitment.

He needs a mate with a lot of patience who is willing to lead a very predictable life. He is not terribly romantic, but is affectionate and very loyal. He is the perfect mate for someone who wants a stable, solid relationship with a loyal partner.

Virgo Love and Sex

First impressions can be misleading, but it can take second, third and sometimes even fourth impressions to scratch the surface and begin to see this man's genuinely good qualities. If you're thick skinned and can endure, it's definitely worth the effort. Many Virgo men are snappy dressers and take great care with their appearance.

1. Virgos are critical thinkers.

Virgos tend to be the most compatible with:. One of Virgo's most hailed personality traits is his hypercritical nature. This behavior will often rear itself in Virgo's most intimate relationships. For this reason, this sign pairs well with other earth signs that tend to offer enough stability of character to deflect Virgo's incessant critiques.

The emotional and adaptive properties of water signs also make good matches for Virgo's onslaughts. Virgos may seem cold and detached, yet at times they can actually be quite outgoing. This is because a Virgo's perception is his reality. If the Virgo has a negative outlook, his life will include negative twists and turns, and he'll often retreat into his inner feelings. If the Virgo has a positive outlook, his life will feel positive and he will be a more pleasant, upbeat person to be around. Virgos are sensitive to their surroundings, but they don't like to analyze their feelings.

Virgo (astrology)

They are inclined to tell people that everything is going well, even when it is not. Virgos appear calm to friends and family, but inside, they are always analyzing and thinking with a high degree of nervous energy. This sign can tire himself out without even moving. Virgos have a constant need to perfect their world, which can easily lead to them being perceived as picky and finicky by family and friends.

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Virgo the Scrutineer

Learn How to Read Tarot Our tarot school of monsters and mischief awaits! Dive into the world of self knowledge and magic. Shannon Sep 26, This is spot on! But this description is so perfect! Leafy Jul 23, Lisa Jul 23, My ex was a Virgo we met at work great worker but not a good leader.

Very hypocritical. Plays lots of games not straight forward. It could save heartache and time invested in the relationship. Stephanie Archuleta May 29, As for myself, i often wondered why i am so picky.

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Sign up to our mailing list Subscribe. This website uses cookies to track our traffic and marketing efforts so that we may better serve you. Learn more Accept. They are ethical and never put career achievements ahead of their moral code. They want to earn what they get and refuse to be manipulative or controlling. They are well-organized and do a good job of balancing personal and professional responsibilities. Most Virgo women are especially adept at handling the family budget.

They need to learn to ease the stress that is brought on by their high standards.

Astrology Virgo Personality Traits

These Virgo youngsters need a great deal of affection and emotional support, because they are likely to be shy and may have difficulty developing friendships. They are not naturally competitive, and so may find it easier to give in to more demanding playmates. Virgo children are often studious. Parents should help their Virgo child develop an interest in at least one "cool" activity to help them fit in. Virgo individuals may not be the most romantic, but they offer their whole heart.

There is no pretense involved in how they act or what they say. Because they are loyal, Virgos are big on fidelity. They value more than the superficial aspects of a love relationship, and they generally attract people with a similar belief system. Marriage is a major commitment; they value their union as both a love relationship and a working partnership.

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